We are excited to announce our FY19 Grant Application is now OPEN!

Our funding cap has been increased to $100,000 this year! Additionally, our funding priorities have not changed this year, however, they will be ranked in order of importance and priority will be given to applicants that closely match with Komen Tulsa’s mission.

This year’s funding priorities are:

  1. Patient Navigation: Maximum amount requested not to exceed $100,000

Projects that provide evidence-based patient navigation for lay and professional navigators that serve African American, Native American or rural patients that reside in Komen Tulsa’s 30-county service area with an emphasis on patients in rural counties where there is a physician shortage. Patient navigation must follow the individual from abnormal screening to diagnostic resolution and through treatment, if necessary. Patient navigation is a process by which a trained individual- patient navigator- guides patients through and around barriers in the complex breast cancer care system.

2. Reducing Barriers to Care: Maximum amount requested not to exceed $100,000

Evidence-based projects that reduce barriers to quality breast cancer care experienced by uninsured and underinsured individuals residing in Komen Tulsa’s 30-county service area with an emphasis on the counties of Tulsa, Osage, Wagoner, and Rogers. “Underinsured is defined as having some insurance coverage but not enough, or when one is insured yet unable to afford the out-of-pocket responsibilities not covered by his or her insurer” (Patient Advocate Foundation, http://www.patientadvocate.org/resources.php?p=781). The Affiliate seeks to fund projects that provide no cost or low-cost screening/diagnostic/treatment services, mobile mammography, diagnostic co-pay and deductible assistance, transportation and interpreter services.

3. Breast Cancer Education: Maximum amount requested not to exceed $100,000

Projects that provide evidence-based and culturally relevant breast cancer education in one-on-one and group settings. Projects must be designed to result in documented age appropriate, breast cancer action (e.g., getting a screening mammogram, obtaining recommended follow-up after an abnormal mammogram). Based on findings from the Community Profile, these projects should target communities including Black/African American, American Indian, rural, and/or under/uninsured populations that reside in Komen Tulsa’s 30-county service area.


A few things to remember:

  •  This application is for organizations seeking $5,000 to $100,000.
  • We will be having a grant writing workshop on November 16 at the Komen Tulsa Office (10109 East 79th Street, Tulsa, OK) from 12pm CST to 1pm CST. Grant writing workshops are NOT mandatory for all applicants, however, they are encouraged. If attendance will be a problem, the workshop will be available online and can be viewed any time after the event. The meeting is not mandatory, however, applicants will be responsible for what is discussed during the training. If you would like a one on one meeting, I am happy to schedule one with you.
  • To be eligible to apply for a Komen community-based grant your organization must be: 1. A federally tax-exempt entity – nonprofit organization, government agency, educational institution or Indian tribe; 2. Located in the specified Affiliate service area
  • The community grant cycle runs April 1 – March 31 and all prospective, eligible applicants must attend a grant writing workshop hosted by Komen Tulsa. 
  • Applications are drafted and submitted through our Grants e-Management System (GeMS) and all eligible applicants will receive your required user ID at the grant writing workshop.


To find other details, including eligibility requirements, please refer to the attached FY19 CG RFA. You can begin your application on our GEMS website.


Important Dates:

Grant Writing Workshop           November 16, 2018; 12:00pm CST – Komen Tulsa Office; available online following the workshop
Application Deadline                  December 7, 2018; 5:00pm CST
Award Notification                      March 2018
Award Period                                April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020
Progress Report Due                   November 4, 2019
Final Report Due                         May 1, 2020


For more information regarding the grant process or application, please contact:

Abbi Lee, PhD Candidate, MPH
Chief Officer of Public Health
918-392-2745, x203


The promise of Susan G Komen is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find cures. All requests for science research funding should be directed to the National Susan G. Komen® Grants Program. More information on research funding is available at www.komen.org/grants